Thursday, December 9, 2010

Scott Brown Sucks

The odious "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy was NOT repealed today by the Senate.

It was short THREE votes.

Who represents one of those votes, you might ask?

Why, Scott Brown. 

Male Nude Model

Senator from Massachusetts.

And Professional Douche Bag.

SO embarrassed for this state right now...

Addendum:  2/20/2011

OK, so after I wrote this reactionary rant, I discovered that Scott Brown didn't vote for the bill because of some other item the Democrats had tacked on.
When the bill was presented in it's pristine form, Brown did indeed vote for it, going againest the majority of his party.  Politically, you could argue he needed to do that anyway: only a complete idiot would not realize that he is in a state that supports gay marriage.  But I suppose he didn't.  So, good for him.  He did something FAIR.


  1. Scott Brown can't stand up for Main Street cause he's on all fours for Wall Street. and Romney-well...he's just plain weird

  2. Scott Brown could not stand up for the people of Massachusetts because he is down on all fours for Wall Street.
    Scotty went to Cow Hampshire cause he knows the good folks of Massachuisetts have had enough of his Wall Street ways.
    Good riddance!


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