Monday, September 3, 2012

start me up

So, summer is about to end. 
It was awesome.
Prague was great.

We'll be starting rehearsals tomorrow for The Lily's Revenge at the ART/Oberon space.  It's a five-hour-long drag epic/extravaganza by anti-diva diva playwright/performer Taylor Mac, about flowers that stage a revolution.

I'm playing a Poppy.

Tommy is also in it, playing an evil curtain called "The Great Longing".

It's sort of hard to describe.

But very excited to start, and thrilled that I get to do a show with Tommy! (which doesn't happen all that often, actually.  Only twice in our 12-year togetherness: 12th Night on the Common and The Communist Dracula Pageant, also at ART/Oberon).

We are doing 2 Gents together as well right after, with ASP. 

So we get to see each other a lot more, which is great.  No theatre widowing, at least not for a while!

Happy Labor Day to you all!