Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mister Ice

I didn't say that

I didn't mean to say that

The moment I said it

I regretted it.

I didn't mean...

what I meant to say
was that I couldn't quite know at the time
what I know now.

Which is always the way, isn't it?

Just when you think you know.
You don't.

And then you have to start all over again.

And I wouldn't have said it
I wouldn't have done it

When you think that we are judged
Not by what we say

But by what we do

and doing nothing is still doing something
is still making a choice
a choice to not decide
to not make a choice

to not upset the apple cart

so to speak
so they say
as the saying goes

And all I really would want right now

is to know
to know
to really know

what is inside that heart of yours
what is behind that smile of yours
what is underneath that hat of yours
up that sleeve of yours
above that head of yours
around that bend of yours
stuck in that craw of yours
because I'm leaving the gate


with one hand tied behind my back


Could I have cream with that?
A lid?
A straw?
Some ketchup?

Just give me irony.
Just give me irony.

Irony is free.


Not free.

But cheap.

Very cheap.

So cheap.

It might as well be free.