Friday, February 20, 2009


I just went to the Shepard Fairey exhibit at the ICA. Truly excellent show! See it, if you can. Obey!


I'm not sure how to use this blog yet. I had to write a few blog entries as a guest a few times, and I liked it all right. I like the idea of keeping a journal.
Not sure how personal I can get, or want to get. I don't know.

A little about me: i'm an actor, living in Boston. I teach and I write plays.
I act quite a bit around the city. It's a small city and I've been here all my life so I've managed to carve out a little place for myself.
My partner is an actor too. He's a really great actor.
People sometimes wonder if that's hard, being with another actor, but it's actually fine.
He understands my schedule in a way that a non-actor would never get. He teaches too.
We don't talk a lot about theatre when we're home. We talk about pottery.
We collect pottery. Our house is full of it. Our house is really crazy. There's no space at all. It's fun, but the first thing people ask is: "How do you dust?"

Anyway, I thought this might be a good little forum to chat outloud about things. I'm not really looking for responses (though I guess you can respond, if you want). I'm not even sure that anyone would even want to read this. But it's nice to know that it exists, and that I can go here.

Well, I guess that's my first official post. I'll be more entertaining, I swear. But in a way, I'm sick of being entertaining, which is what this might be all about, so maybe I'll just be dull. Which would be a relief. It's tiring, being entertaining all the time. And there's something phony about it. so maybe this is what this is about. or not. I'm not sure yet.
But I'm excited to have a blog.
It's kind of like having a dog, that doesn't need to be fed or walked.
I would LOVE to have a dog. But we have too much pottery.

Nighty night for now,