Friday, December 10, 2010

the blue flower

I really really enjoyed The Blue Flower at the ART, and I'm trying to figure out why.

I guess I loved how endlessly, visually stunning it was.

I loved the recreations of Dada performance.

I loved the idea of a character who speaks for decades in a language of his own invention - a sort of twist on Esperanto - and delivers whole passages to the audience in this stylized gibberish (which were expertly done), including monologues on the beginnings of WWI and the suicide death of an Austrian prince.

I loved the music, and the musicians.  It sort of reminded me of the alienating music from The Adding Machine

I loved the Dada film footage, and how the audience was engaged throughout in so many different ways.

I loved the ensemble of actors, in the same way I loved the actors in The Method Gun - they are working so hard, and making it look so easy.  It just seemed they were so committed to telling this story and to helping each other accomplish that goal.

I guess I just loved the whole subject matter, and world, and how it was executed.

I loved it's complexity and ambiguity.

And I thought the direction was really remarkable and inventive and imaginative.


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