Saturday, December 11, 2010


We start rehearsals on Monday for Hysteria by Terry Johnson at the Nora Theatre Company.

It's a really excellent, imaginative play revolving around the actual meeting of a dying Sigmund Freud and a then 38-year-old Salvador Dali in Freud's English office in 1938.

Complications ensue between them, a doctor treating Freud for his jaw cancer, and the beautiful daughter of a former patient of Freud's, who shows up unannounced and holding a razor to her throat.

And it's a farce.

Lots of slamming doors and people running around in their underwear.

But it also deals with some very serious themes: sexual abuse. madness. suicide. illusion vs. reality.  regret.

So it's going to be a challenging balancing act.

I'm playing Dali, which is exciting and terrifying at once.

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