Friday, December 10, 2010

The Nice Hotel

The Hotel Nepenthe goes up in February in Davis Square. 

ASP is producing it as part of their Winter Festival:  it's the first time they have produced a new play.

David Gammons (who directed The Salt Girl) is directing and it's a cast of 4 playing over 17 characters: myself, Marianna Bassham, Daniel Berger-Jones and Georgia Lyman.

It's going to be really hard sharing the stage with such ugly people (we're talking bag-over-the-head ugly), but I'm totally going to suck it up.

Maybe I'll just take my contacts out.

We had a reading last week of the newest version, and I'm feeling really excited.

I starting making some collages recently on this blog of the characters from The Hotel Nepenthe - just finding images online and pasting them together with bits of dialogue. 

Sort of like little, visual haiku's.

I'm a very visual person, and the images really helped me/inspired me with the last bout of re-writes. 

(If it's a solo show, I'm re-writing sometimes up until the first performance - and sometimes during the performance, though I try not to do that unless I have a conversation with the stage manager beforehand - as it may fuck up a cue.)

I've made three collages so far: The Bellhop, The Starlet and The One Night Stand (the characters in the play don't have names). 

I left The Senators Wife as an 80s music video, but I would like to make a collage for her as well.

And there's 13 other characters.

Anyway, I just noticed that for some reason, The One Night Stand is REALLY popular.

It shot up to the most-viewed post on this blog in a matter of days.

I'm thinking it's because of the images I found, which are rather salacious.

But it still seems like a strange, random event.

Which, ironically, is kind of what the play is about...

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