Thursday, December 29, 2011

Uncle Vanya Opens Tonight!

Erin Eva Butcher as Sonya

Uncle Vanya opens tonight at the Apollinaire Theatre in Chelsea!

It's been a very amazing process with a really great group of people!  One of my favorite plays, and my first time performing Chekhov.  I hope you can make it! The entire beautiful Odd Fellows Building is being used as the setting, with the audience following us from room to room.

Good news: they have extended the show already!  We now run until the 22nd of January.

FYI: due to the particular staging, the audience can't go over 30 people (which is one of the reasons the tickets are selling so fast!). 

So if you really want to go, please try to get tickets soon!

Follow the above link for all the info and tickets!

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