Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Balcony - Photo Call

We had a Post-Production meeting this week for The Balcony.  The Production Manager called it a "Post Mortem", which is fitting in a way:
it's a production I've been thinking about for well over a year. 
A week of auditions and callbacks. 
Many design and production meetings. 
4 weeks of rehearsal. 
5 days of tech in the theatre. 
4 performances. 
And now, the production is a memory. 
So, it feels like a loss of some sort. 
What we do is very brief and ephemeral. 
It was all over before we all knew it, there is little record of it, and only a handful people were able to see the show. 
But it will still remain one of the best experiences I've had so far, working on a play. 
I feel very grateful.

I was able to procure production photos.

Set Design by Christina Todesco.
Lighting Design by Jeff Adelberg
Costumes by Gail Buckley
Sound by David Reiffel
Video by Jeff Maynard
Prop design by Megan Simmons
Stage Manager: Maura Neff
Asst. Stage Manager: Keith Potts


Nicky Sawyer as Irma
Joe Longthorne as The Chief of Police
Keith White as Roger
Grace Tarves as Carmen
Meredith Myers as Chantal
Grant Wallace as The Bishop
Trey Harrington as The Judge
Jessie Muni as The General
Ryan Halsaver as The Slave
Raleigh Bisbee as Rosine
Sarah Drake as Florence
Sara Mullis as Marlyse
Alison McCartan as Elyane
Bartlett Mather as Arthur
Paul Lang as The Envoy
Peter Romanga as Photographer #1 (Blood)
Riley Brack as Photographer #2 (Tears)
Greg Pike as Photographer #3 (Sperm)

Beautiful Photography by Max Wagenblass.
All photos copyright: The Boston Conservatory, Photo by Max Waxenblass

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  1. very interesting...thank you for sharing ....I will be design this show soon and found your pictures helpful in understanding the script.


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