Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sad News

Stafford with Dafydd
I just received very sad news: Stafford Clark-Price, who was such a wonderful William Shakespeare in Mortal Terror has passed away.

Stafford had been battling cancer for a year and a half.

We had all become very close during Mortal Terror

Stafford was very open about his sickness, and had this amazing sense of humor about it.  I never saw him down or self-pitying.  He was the definition of bravery.

He was an amazing, thoughtful, kind, generous, talented guy, and I feel very lucky that I got to know him, even if it was only for a few short months.


  1. Thank you for honoring my son's memory.
    The "Electric Kid"
    Every bolt of lightning is a small reminder of his effect upon so many! He believed in following his passion and the stories he shared on stage was his way of "gifting" mankind with more understanding of the human condition.

    Your gentle face and patient smile,
    With sadness we recall.
    You had a kindly word for each
    And you died beloved by all.
    Your voice is mute and stilled the heart
    that loved us well and true,
    How bitter was the trial to part
    From one as good as you.
    You are not forgotten loved one
    Nor will you ever be!
    As long as life and memory last
    We will remember thee.
    We miss you now, Our hearts are sore.
    As time goes by, we miss you more.
    Your loving smile, your gentle face!
    No one can fill your vacant place!

    1. Dear Margaret
      thanks so much for this message, and for getting in touch. I can't begin to tell you how sorry I was to hear about Stafford. He was a wonderful man. I hope this finds you well, and peaceful.

  2. Oh my, i am just hearing this... he was the most gracious. He was one of the main reasons I moved to new york and became and actor... he gave me a place to stay. Really became a mentor. Im so saddened and shocked to hear this


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