Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Uncle Vanya

Take that, Professor!
I'm assuming that if you are reading this blog, you might have some sort of interest in what I might be up to, so here is my next thing: my first time performing Chekhov, one of my favorite plays, one of my favorite characters, I'm very excited.
The Apollinaire is a theatre company in Chelsea, which I'm finding isn't that hard to get to, really: you just take the 111 Bus at Haymarket, and there you are! (I wish I could ride my bike there, but it's pretty impossible, what with the Tobin Bridge and all).

Apollinaire does really adventurous theatre: they staged "Wedding on the Eiffel Tower" by Jean Cocteau (outdoors yet!), which was my introduction to what they do and exciting to see (that play is never done, for many reasons - two being it's huge and completely nuts and requires an ostrich).

It's my first time working with them, and I'm their first Equity contract (so I'm a bit of a guinea pig).  Very honored that they thought of me for this beautiful role.

The staging should be interesting as well: The Apollinaire owns the four story building that houses their stage (on the second floor).  For Uncle Vanya, they are staging each Act in a different room in the building, and the audience follows the action around. 

To make this all work, the audience size is limited to 30, so please, if you want to see the show:  Get Tickets NOW! 

Here's the info: hope you can make it!

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