Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Hotel Nepenthe - Four Shows Added!!

We start our extension on Thursday!
Hope you can make it to the show!

ASP has given us FOUR half price tix for this week, so if anyone would like to use them, please let me know!!

More pics from Stratton McCrady:

The One Night Stand's Mother listens in
Princess Firefly
The Brother
Marilyn and Rachel
The Girl in Purple and The Dispatcher
Marilyn poses
The Boyfriend breaks down.  Again.
The Whore and Jack hang out in different planes
someone is filming The Whore and The Senators Wife
The Bellhop tries to connect
The Boyfriend's favorite drink
The Groom and the Bellhop try again.
Top of the Ferris Wheel

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  1. Great looking set of pictures John! Keep me in mind please for any other projects you have in the future. This was a blast to shoot.


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