Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hotel Nepenthe - Final Shows

We started our second week last night!

6 perfs left.

It strangely felt like we had been away for two years, but the show went really great, with a wonderful audience.

Today I have to teach a class in Newton until 5 and then somehow get to the space by 6:45 using public transportation.

Little nervous about that.

More great pics from Stratton, David and Jeff:

The Starlet in her tub (with the One-Night Stand and the Camera Man)

Trent and Marilyn go to the Prom
(while the Dispatcher and The Girl in Purple watch on the TV screen)

The Traveller hears a strange noise...
(Photo credit: Stratton MacCrady)

David, Daniel, Arkansas and Bill on a break during rehearsal.

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