Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Hotel Nepenthe - Extended!

The Rent-A-Car Gal

We just received word that The Hotel Nepenthe will extend into next week.
So we will perform an additional four shows.
Extensions are always a bit of a blessing and a curse at once:
A blessing that more people will be able to see the show.
A curse in that it's VERY hard to get the word out that the show is still going on.
So, if you've seen the show:  Thank you thank you thank you!
Please spread the word along about the extension to friends who might be interested!
Everyone at the Nepenthe Hotel thanks you, in their macabre fashion...

Here's the extension schedule:

Thursday, 3/10 7:30 curtain

Friday, 3/11 7:30 curtain

Saturday, 3/12 8 pm curtain

Sunday, 3/13 7 pm curtain

More pics from the amazing Stratton McCrady:

The Murder Victim waits in the lobby

The Bellhop charms the Rent-A-Car Gal while the Murder Victim expires

The Starlet makes her entrance.

A Guest waits in his robe.

"I always feel like there's someone watching me..."

The Taxi Driver tries to keep his eye on the road.

The Starlet explains her fame.

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