Sunday, October 3, 2010

We Have Always Lived In A Castle

I wish I could get to Yale Rep to see We Have Always Lived in a Castle, a new musical based on Shirley Jackson's creepy novel of the same title: it is one of my favorite stories by Jackson (along with The Haunting of Hill House) and I have always wanted to adapt it into a play myself, but I guess I got beaten to it! 

Oh well.

Other good reasons to see it: it is written by the talented Adam Bock (author of The Thugs and The Receptionist) and directed by the amazing Anne Kauffman, who directed The Communist Dracula Pageant at ART, as well as God's Ear, one of the best plays I have ever seen, in my life, ever.

And the last production I saw at Yale Rep, Robert Woodruff's Notes from Underground, starring Bill Camp and Merritt Janson, was absolutely brilliant.

Yale Rep is also showing one of my favorite Albee plays, A Delicate Balance, later this Fall, as well as a new play by Boston's own Kirsten Greenidge: Bossa Nova, in November/December.

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