Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lil' Eggbeater.

So, I finally got rid of that beloved little eggbeater I called my computer and got an upgrade. I have been putting it off because it literally took me two ENTIRE days to figure out how to get my files, music and photos off my external hard drive and onto the new computer. Because that's just how technology works around me. A normal person simply plugs in the hard drive and downloads the files. Not me. Nothing like that EVER works the way it should for me. So after an hour on the phone with HP, and then another hour on the phone with SimpleTech (the ironic name of my external hard drive) and then ANOTHER 3 hours (seriously, 3 hours!) I now have something resembling a computer with all my writings, music, etc. But there are still bugs, things missing, etc. Does this happen to everyone, or just me? I swear, I DREAD getting a new computer. If I had been working right now, I would have been out of my mind!


  1. I've never really had a problem with porting over all the files.

    How old is the external drive? It may be because your new computer has the buggy Vista on it. I find that my external hardware that was made before Vista, sometimes has trouble on my new computer. (Flash drives, etc.)

  2. Well Hi Art! How are you? I was scared I would get Vista too, but no, I have the brand new and highly recommended Windows 7, which apparently is pretty easy (unless you're me). I still love Windows XP, tho!
    It seems that the problem had something to do with the "permissions" on my hard drive: it wouldn't let me transfer them unless it could identify me as the "administrator" (or dominator) something like that. it was all eventually solved (after two and a half lost days) and it seems that I'm up and running. Somewhat. The newest version of "hotel nepenthe" didn't make it. Which has made me quite sad. I didn't lose it, I just can't seem to transfer it onto my new computer. I'm thinking I'll just get a little zip drive and try to do it that way...
    Hope you and Amanda are well!


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