Sunday, July 18, 2010

Glenn Beck and Percy Jackson

So, it's a Saturday night

Tommy is in tech.

Nothing on TV.

I notice that Glenn Beck is on, which made me throw-up a little, but I had never actually watched his show, so I decide to finally see how big an asshole he really is.

and I turn it on.

I swear to God: I did not understand a word he said.

I'm serious. He seemed sort of high. Or drunk or something. Perhaps on his own improbable power. And he was so squirrely, sort of fidgeting around, looking at the ceiling and the floor, and then at the camera, and then somewhere else.

He was talking to someone about the Tea Party, and race, and he kept injecting sentences about God that had nothing to do with what he just said, and at one point he said "And, well, Planned Parenthood is just EVIL" which really just came out of no where.

I mean, I don't think I'm a stupid person, but I really couldn't follow anything he was saying, it was just gobblity-gook. Completely incoherent.

So, I gave up after 10 minutes and, I'm ashamed to admit, rented "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief"

Which was just as stupid.

But at least it had car chases.

And Zeus and Medusa.

And I realized: Glen Beck was sort of like Percy Jackson: a sort of white noise that just babbles down on top of you.

You aren't supposed to think, necessarily.

Just sit back and get lobotimized.

(Later Note: OK, I want to amend that last thought: Glenn Beck and Percy Jackson might both be mindless, or require mindlessness, but one is dangerous, and the other is just a waste of time.)

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