Sunday, June 27, 2010

A disturbing article in the Boston Phoenix, here:

about Donnie McClurkin, a gospel star who is headlining "GospelFest" here in Boston later this summer at City Hall Plaza.

As you can glean from the article, McClurkin is a notorious homophobe, and one of those people that claims he was "cured" of his deviant lifestyle thru the power o' the Lord.

What truly disturbs me about this story is that McClurkin was reportedly raped as a child by male family members - which has led him to despise gay people and embark on a seeming religious crusade against them.

While I think what McClurkin said happened to him as a child is absolutely terrible, he is causing untold damage to gay people and their families. His sermons incite violence against gay people, and I don't want him in my city. This is a public-funded event.

The two men who raped McClurkin were not gay: they were rapists and child molesters who hopefully were punished for what they did. We do not need another angry homophobe promoting the untrue idea that all gay people are rapists and child-molesters.

I'm no psychologist, but it seems to me that McClurkin needs to get into therapy and deal with what happened to him as a child. His homophobic rants, in my opinion, sound like the symptom of some serious, pent-up rage.

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