Monday, June 7, 2010

Hitler was Gay!

You know, I'm not sure how I found THIS piece of garbage,

trawling about the web, but here we have an article, written in 2002 (which, really, isn't all that long ago...) by one Nathaniel S. Lehrman for the now defunct conservative rag "Insight on the News", which proves "without a doubt" (even though Lehrman offers no real or substantial evidence whatsoever) that, yes, Hitler was gay.

The most evil man in history was gay.

Just so you know.

(Funny, I don't remember seeing him at any of the Pride Parades...)

Not only that, the ENTIRE Nazi party was made up of gays! Who knew?

You know, I've met some mean queens in my time, but I would HATE to be at a white sale with THOSE bitches!

I thought this was a piece by The Onion at first.

But, no, it's real.

Sadly, depressingly real.

Of course, anyone not living under a rock knows that the Nazis famously persecuted and murdered gays.

But before any sensitive homos get their panties all bunched up, Lehrman has an easy explanation for that discrepancy: See, it was the MACHO gays (ie, Nazis) killing the SWISHY gays. Now it all just makes sense, doesn't it? Lehrman's "research" apparently involved watching the Al Pacino movie "Cruising" over and over, as well as skimming some truly questionable tomes with titles like "Homosexuality: a freedom too far".

Further investigation found that Lehrman is connected with the odious NARTH group, George A. Rekers, and some other old hateful closet-cases.

Lehrman ended his piece with this little tidbit:

"When will today's liberal supporters of homosexuality, organized and otherwise, recognize how deliberate defiance of traditional sexual morality can lead to that deliberate defiance of all traditional morality, which defined the Holocaust?"


Remember Matthew Shepard? This man helped bring that about.

I could see this bigoted, homophobic rant being written 50 years ago, or even 25.

But no: 2002.



Thanks a lot, internet, for introducing me to yet another evil moron.


  1. Wow. I just had to check this out.

    See, it was the MACHO gays (ie, Nazis) killing the SWISHY gays.

    And just to show how much Lehrman is misrepresenting history, he insinuates that the 1934 Night of the Long Knives during which the macho presumingly-straight SS and Gestapo killed the macho presumingly-gay SA (led by the very macho and openly gay Ernst Röhm) was actually a plot by macho gay Nazis to disguise themselves as macho homophobic Nazis.

    And never mind that Lehrman completely misrepresents the underlying political conflict between SA Nazis (who favored random acts of violence) and the rest of the party (who preferred deliberately planned acts of violence) and proposes a completely absurd explanation for Hitler's (and by extension Germany's and Europe's) antisemitism. In his closing argument he attempts to persuade readers that antisemitism is primarily a product of macho homosexual misogyny (So I guess that's why Marlowe wrote The Jew of Malta it's because he liked boys!)

    Anyway: did a little googling of Herr Doktor Lehrman and discovered a.) he's been a psychiatrist since 1947, b.) he seems to be associated with a the right-wing advocacy group Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and c.) despite his seeming hatred of (secret homosexual) Nazis, he really seems to hate Jewish doctors, especially psychiatrists. See

  2. well hi Ian! Thanks for this, and for reading my angry rant, and for your investigative journalism!

    he's really a piece of work, isn't he?

    I'm thinking maybe a comedic play about swishy gay Nazis is in order (but was that already done?)

    Btw: I think you are my first COMMENT!

  3. Hi Johnny! I didn't know you had a blog until Art Hennessey buzzed your post on Johnny Baseball.

    I spent some time researching political extremists and the lies they tell about history (and Hitler in particular) while I was writing a play, so I get a little twitchy with Google when I come across these sorts of freaks!

    What really amazes me is that he actually tries to sum up antisemitism as macho gays hating nice Jewish men for loving their mothers and actually expects to be taken seriously. The Inquisition: Gays! Pogroms; Gays! Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Gays! He just pretty much took the the old anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, crossed out the word "Jew" and replaced it with "Macho Gay" and he tries to pass this off as psychiatry.

    I wonder if one could turn his "theories" into something longer than a skit?


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