Sunday, June 20, 2010

Elton John STILL SUCKS!!!!

You know, I typed my last missive in a hurry, on the way out the door towards a well-deserved vacation.
And I thought to myself: "you know, perhaps I've been too harsh on Elton. Maybe he is going to donate that money to a worthy and GAY charity.
To fight Prop 8.
To change hearts and minds.
What a great slap in the face that would be to Rush Limbaugh and his homophobic gaggle of meat heads."
But no.
He is taking all that money for himself, so he can buy some more tiaras and big-ass rings.
Not only that, I've also learned that he and Rush feel EXACTLY the same about gay marriage: civil unions (which supply barely a FRACTION of the civil rights that marriage affords, and are completely insulting to boot) are A-OK with Elton.
So, I don't like Elton John. I am erasing him from my iPod.
Elton, I thought you were great once. But you are now obsolete.
And a sell-out.
And a pig.
There are other artists that are better than you. I'm going to listen to one of them.
Good-bye Yellow Brick Road.

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