Friday, March 30, 2012

Midway Mess 2

I received this email below regarding Midway Studios, I think because I was on a previous list as a potential resident at some point. 

I'm not sure what happened, but it sounds - from the message - that Ops-Core might be out of the space completely now.  They are clearly trying to figure out what to do with the vacant space , and are looking for recommendations in the formation of a panel to help do that.  I hope that it will remail a theatre space, of course.  I'm not sure who I would recommend to be a part of such a the panel, but thought I would put the info/description out there.

Here's the message:


Thank you for your continued involvement in fulfilling the Midway Studios mission and the ongoing viability of the building and its program.

We are seeking names for consideration for an advisory group to recommend the use and layout of the Midway Studios first floor and lower level area to ensure long-term economic sustainability of the space. This advisory group will be made up of nine individuals that will work with BRA staff, the Kuehn Estate and local elected officials.

We are asking for nominations from local civic and cultural groups including but not limited to Fort Point Arts Community, Fort Point Cultural Coalition, and Midway Residents Association. Nominees should include individuals with experience in programming, curation, or management of cultural institutions including theater and gallery space. Nominees should also include those with experience in commercial real estate including leasing and retail financing.

Please submit your recommendations to Richard McGuinness ( no later than April 6th.

Thank you

Kairos Shen

Chief Planner

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