Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guns Guns Guns!!!

The more I read about Arizona, the more concerned I become that this area is part of the country I live in: a gun-obsessed immigrant-despising loopy red-neck arrogant heat-packin' willful irresponsible Republican hell-hole.

But I wouldn't want to sugar-coat it.

Today in The Times, Frank Bruni describes how Arizona State Senator Lori Klein playfully aimed the red laser sight of her loaded .380 Luger at a newspaper reporter's chest during an interview focusing on her loving embrace of all things gun. 

This was, apparently, a silly misunderstanding: she was just demonstrating how this weapon might be used to blow someone's head off, and the reporter had "strayed into the gun's sight".

That was her first story.  Now she's gone silent on the subject.

The reporter, Richard Ruelas, has a different story: she purposely aimed the laser beam at him.

That's one way to shut down your critics.

That such an event would occur after the recent Arizona shooting rampage is beyond me. 

That shoot-out killed 6 people and wounded 13, including Gabrielle Giffords, the state representative who suffered a bullet in her brain and somehow managed to survive.

Instead of heeding this nasty wake-up call, Arizona is hugging their guns even closer.

Meanwhile, Klein reportedly likes to proudly "pack heat" at the Capitol and says her pink Ruger is "cute".


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