Friday, September 3, 2010

The Paramount Opening Weekend!

The beautifully restored Paramount Theatre is having it's official opening in a few weeks, and, to me, the programming couldn't be more exciting: some really rare opportunities to see some brilliant new work by major, respected theatre artists from all over the world!

I was especially thrilled to see that they are hosting Doug Elkins' "Fraulein Maria": a dance re-telling of "The Sound of Music":  T. and I managed to catch the piece last summer at Jacob's Pillow, and it was just AMAZING, with three dancers playing Maria, (including, when we saw it, a muscular, bald man) and the brilliant Doug Elkins himself as The Mother Superior, popping and locking in a hoodie/wimple.  If there's a talk back with Doug after a performance, I would recommend going to that: he's a very funny, interesting guy!

The opening weekend also has our plays being performed in the space, for free!  Here's the link with all the info:

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