Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Exploit 9/11 for Fun and Profit!!!!!

I just read this and literally puked.  How low can these people get?

"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are getting together Saturday to commemorate 9/11 in her home state. But unlike Beck’s recent controversial rally in Washington, DC, you'd better bring plastic if you want to see them. The ticket prices start at $65.50 each (plus Ticketmaster service fees), up to $115 plus fees. They are also selling a special $200 “Meet & Greet” ticket, according to the Ticketmaster website, allowing special access to Beck."

                                                                                             - Radio Info. com


  1. I am sure that Palin and Beck will be able to provide the sorts of insights into terrorism and counter-terrorism that will make these tickets well-worth the expense.

    As co-author of The Superheroine Monologues you are quite knowledgeable as to how Wonder Woman defeated the Nazis while wearing a one-piece bathing suit, so certainly you can respect Ms. Palin's ability to fight al Qaeda with a bikini and a shotgun; she's a hockey mom, after all.

  2. Ha! Hey Ian. Thanks for making me laugh at 8:30 in morning! Some very salient points, indeed: she is a bit like WW, after all, dontcha know!

  3. Now if only I can make them laugh this evening!

  4. that's right, break a leg! Wish I could be there, but I have to work all day and night. Oy.

  5. I wish I were as busy as you!

    (plus, I'm taking the LeCoq Intensive during the day!)


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