Monday, August 2, 2010

Hound of the Baskervilles

I saw "Hound of the Baskervilles" the other night, which is the play Tommy directed at the Central Square Theatre this summer. It's running for another two weeks and all I can say is:
Go See It.
(If you can, that is: I'm hearing it's selling out quickly, so get your seats sooner rather than later.)
It's Hilarious.
Now, I know, I'm biased.
I'm totally sleeping with the director, and all my friends are in the cast.
But it is such fun!
And I'm an Aries, and we're just no good at lying. So you can really believe me here.
First of all, Remo Airaldi is playing Sherlock Holmes (and a menagerie of other characters) and I could watch Remo read the phone book, he's so funny. And he's just a born clown. And hugely talented.
And Trent Mills is playing Lord Baskerville. Trent is a student at BoCo, which means he'll probably be on Broadway next year, so it's your chance to catch him now before all that happens. I got to work with him on "Midsummer", where he was just a perfect Flute/Thisbe - he's just such an adept physical comedian, and he has a face like bowl of Jell-O.
Then there's Bill Mootos. Now, Bill is one of my oldest (and I mean OLDEST) dearest friends, but I usually throw-up or fall asleep when he's on stage. Or just pass out in my own filth. But he is SO freaking funny as Dr. Watson. It's like watching a really dim appliance bulb try to turn itself on again and again.
The play is this total goof on the famous Sherlock Holmes mystery, so don't expect a faithful re-telling. It's total "Irma Vep"- run-around-velco-ripping-off-stage camp.
And it all looks great (I loved the little proscenium stage that moves about the room!)
And Tommy is just a really great director. The choreography alone is so complicated/hard to pull off/organize here, and he just did a great job. The world is just so specific and right.
Here's the Central Square Theatre website, if this sounds interesting to you:

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