Friday, June 15, 2012

The Hotel Nepenthe Returns!

I'm very excited that my play, The Hotel Nepenthe, will be back for six shows only as part of The Emerging America Festival next week!  

Scary Bellhops!  Fucked-up Starlets!  Wayward Political Wives!  Caffeine-addled Yuppies!

It's the same lovely cast: Marianna Bassham, Daniel Berger-Jones, Georgia Lyman and myself.

Gammons is directing again and designed the gorgeous costumes and set, which will be on the Wimberly Stage with the audience, facing this vast, empty array of red seats that the genius Jeff Adelberg is lighting.

Could NOT be more excited to bring this show to life again!  It's the original ASP production, hosted by The Huntington Theatre Company.

How can I entice you more?   The same production won The Elliot Norton Award for "Best New Play" and "Best Ensemble".  It also won an IRNE for "Best New Play" recently.

AND this is a HOME GROWN play, with all local artists and designers!

Please COME if you missed it the first time!  And if you saw it the first time, COME AGAIN!

And if you like the show:  please spread the word: we open and close in only 4 DAYS!!!

Here's all the info:

See you at the show!!!

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