Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mortal Terror

I'm back from our wonderful trip to Copenhagen (with a side trip to Helsinore to see Hamlet's house.  We also saw his post office and convienence store!) and have plunged into rehearsals for Mortal Terror, a new play by Robert Brustein about William Shakespeare, King James, Queen Anne, the writing of MacBeth and the Gunpowder plot. 

We are rehearsing and performing it in Suffolk University's beautiful new Modern Theatre downtown. 
Beautiful theatre. 
Fabulous group of people. 
Having a great time so far!  Will try to blog about it as we go along...

What is really amazing, for me, about being in the Modern Theatre:

When I was in High School, I used to have a part-time job after school selling earrings on one of those carts in DownTown Crossing.  My friends' Mom made the earrings and rented the cart, and I would man it on weekends/after school.  And at night, all the vendors would store their carts in the Modern Theatre, which was an empty shell at that point.  So I really remember what it looked like in the 80s: it was just a decaying mess.  The stage was caved in, and we couldn't park our carts in certain areas, because the roof leaked like crazy.

So it's truly amazing to be in that space now, next to the brilliant Paramount, which was also empty and falling apart during that time.

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