Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Money Bags

Remember those two adorable little twin girls on that terrible, horrible, lobotomize-me-with-an-ice-pick-unfunny TV sitcom Full House?

Well, now they're gazillionaires.  Not sure how that happened.

But they are. 

They own some sort of fashion/merchandising/straight-to-DVD/marketing/clothing EMPIRE.

They are so rich, they could have me killed and would never go to jail.

Anyway, this intrepid duo have recently come out with a new luxury item for their line: a fancy fancy handbag (below).

These bags are apparently made from the creamy, succulent underbelly of a crocodile, which - as everyone knows -  is the most desirable and tasty part of the crocodile.

But here's the thing: these handbags cost $39,000. 

That's right.  39K.  For a purse.

Now, I'm sure it's a very nice bag.

But really:

If you have $39,000 to spend on a handbag, you have too much money.

And if you DO spend it on a handbag: well, there is just something morally and ethically wrong with you.

And I guess I'm fascinated by this costly bag and the timing of its advent because it so perfectly illustrates the widening gap between rich and poor in this country. 

In a time when most people are living pay check to pay check
or are unemployed
or are losing their homes,
we suddenly also have this pointlessly expensive...thing.

Paul Krugman wrote recently that our national budget problems could be solved, completely, if we implemented two changes:

1. Fixed our Health Care system, which needlessly costs more than ANY other advanced country


2. increased our tax system to something comparable with international standards.  Because, in spite of what all the Republicans yell and fume about, our taxes are LOW compared to international standards.

  Especially for the wealthiest Americans.

And by "wealthy American", I mean anyone - individual or company - who can afford to purchase a handbag that costs more than what most people earn in a year.

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