Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bachmann's Waterloo

Oh, Thank you, glorious Satan, for allowing Michelle Bachmann to run for President!

This is going to be QUITE entertaining; watching the ignorant, incoherent, bigoted, mis-informed blather spew from her lips for the next several months.

Bachmann announced her candidacy in her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa yesterday and already the fun is starting!

This is from the New York Times:

"She spoke adoringly of her town, recalling the Dairy Queen, her house on East Ninth Street and the Wonder Bread Factory, where her mother picked up ingredients for her favorite mayonnaise and lettuce sandwiches. But as she stood in her old neighborhood, she misstated a piece of Iowa lore as she explained the important role that Waterloo had in shaping her character.
"John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa," Mrs. Bachmann told Carl Cameron of Fox News in an interview. "That's the kind of spirit that I have, too."
The actor was actually born in Winterset, Iowa, which is about 150 miles southwest of Waterloo. It was John Wayne Gacy, known as the killer clown who raped and murdered 33 teenage boys in the 1970s, who lived in Waterloo."

Bachmann later dismissed the error with an "Oh, well.  I'm not perfect!"

No shit, Michele.  No shit.

John Wayne.  John Wayne Gacy.  One of these things is not like the other.

Just to be clear: this moron wants to RUN OUR COUNTRY!  Unbelievable!

A brain-dead chimp with head lice and a yeast infection would make a better President.

Actually, Gacy would have made an excellent running mate! 

Too bad he was executed in 1994.

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