Saturday, January 1, 2011


A day off today.

Then a ten out of twelve tomorrow. 

(A ten out of twelve, btw, is theatre talk for when you work 12 hours with a two-hour break during technical rehearsals  - "tech" -  at the theatre.  It's usually right before dress rehearsals/previews, when all the design elements - costumes, lights, sound, set and props - are added in, and it's typically very exhausting for everyone, but informative: you really get a sense of what this play world looks and feels like, and how it works.  I didn't want to assume that everyone reading this is involved in theatre and knows what I'm talking about...)

Hysteria is going to be an interesting/unusual tech.

I don't want to give too many of the plays' surprises away, but by the end of the piece, the naturalistic setting literally vanishes, and this hallucinatory, surreal, Dali-like world suddenly takes hold.

There's a stage direction in the script that literally reads:  "The walls melt."

So we need to figure out how to melt the walls of the set.


Lots of other crazy things occur as well, that go above and beyond a typical "this is your costume/prop/exit light" technical rehearsal.

It's also a farce. 

So we need to get the timing down perfectly.

If we get it all right, it's going to be so great!

It's a wonderful team of designers: John Malinowski, Gail Buckley, Janie Howland, Dewey Dellay.

We have our first preview performance this coming Thursday.

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