Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Freud by Dali

We are almost there!

Two more days of rehearsing and tech before our first preview in front of an audience.

Still a lot of technical things to figure out, but it all seems doable.

Dali spends a lot of stage time sketching Freud.

It's a little intimidating, as I'm not a very good drawer (and certainly not the artist that Dali was!) so I try to keep the sketchbook facing upstage as much as possible as I doodle away.

the pencils also have a tendency to disappear during all the farcical shenanigans, so I need to have some extras lying around on the desk, as back-ups!

Here are the actual Dali sketches of Freud, which I'm trying my best to duplicate.

At one point, Dali says Freud has a head "like a snail".  I can see that here, definitely!

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