Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blood Work

So I was having my routine blood work done as part of my yearly physical.

And she takes the needle out of my arm.

But she can't reach the gauze, which is on the other side of me.

So she asks the other woman in the lab to hand it to her.

So this other woman stops what she's doing - EMPTYING THE GARBAGE - grabs the sterilized gauze with her bare and apparently (given her present occupation) FILTHY hand, passes it to the first woman, who slaps it over the bloody hole she just made in my arm, sticks a band-aid over that, and then says to me: "You're all set!"

Now, here's the thing, (and maybe I'm being a little picky here) but before you handle someone's bandage, and you're in the middle of handling garbage, maybe you should take a moment to:

I mean, really


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