Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Hotel Nepenthe - Photo Shoot

We played dress-up at rehearsal the other day and Stratton McCrady took these BEAUTIFUL photos of some of our characters from The Hotel Nepenthe. 

Did our first stumble-thru the other night. 

Very grateful for this whole experience.

Daniel as The Bellhop

Georgia as The Girl In Purple

Johnny as The Woman with Wings

Marianna as The Rent-a-Car Gal

Georgia as The Sister
Marianna as The Senator's Wife

Georgia as The Starlet
Daniel as The Taxi Driver

Johnny as The Dispatcher

Marianna as The Mother

Daniel as The One Night Stand

Georgia as The Whore

Johnny as The Stranger

Daniel as The Bus Driver
Daniel, Marianna, Johnny and Georgia in

The Hotel Nepenthe

by John Kuntz
Featuring: Marianna Bassham*, Daniel Berger-Jones, John Kuntz* & Georgia Lyman*

The Storefront in Davis Square
255 Elm Street | Somerville
February 25 - March 6

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  1. hahahaa I like johny the woman with wings!! LOL
    INow I´m very curious to see the performance. All the things that happen at hotels are pretty funny and it is nice to participate in an ironic view of it. Last year I travelled to Argentina and I decidedo rent apartments in buenos aires for a change. Apartments are fun and things usually end up better than in hotels!


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