Friday, May 14, 2010

Ramin Setoodeh is a MORON.

I just watched the MSNBC interview with Ramin Setoodeh and now it's all become clear to me: he is a fucking IDIOT.

Really, how is this man even EMPLOYED, as anything, in this country?

He is dimmer than a small appliance bulb.

But then again, this is the country that has given Sarah Palin and Anne Coulter and Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh careers and millions of dollars just to say outrageous things on TV and in print.

Just watch the interview above: he makes NO sense.

He says he wants more gay actors to come out of the closet. Why? So he can destroy their careers?

And yet he states that audiences only believed Rock Hudson in straight roles BECAUSE he was in the closet.

And THEN he says that it's wrong that gay actors aren't starring in more Hollywood movies. actors should stay in the closet?

No, they should come out.

No, they should stay in the closet.

Don't even try to make sense of his argument, or him.

The man is a FOOL, but he is a DANGEROUS FOOL. He is in a position of power and he needs to be stopped. He can't say outrageous, bigoted things, state them as facts and then try to reframe the whole conversation suddenly so that he is some sort of gay activist defending the rights of homos everywhere. What? Where in your gay-bashing rant can you find the justication for THAT notion?

And the editors of Newsweek need to be FIRED for letting this go to press.

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