Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Care Scare

Hopefully you’ve been following the saga of Health Care Reform lately and the cavalcade of LIES being distributed by the Right: rumors of “death panels” for the elderly (thanks Sarah fucking Palin), health care for illegal immigrants, federal money for abortions, reform = a government “take-over” of health care, Obama is a Nazi, etc, etc.

What is truly amazing to me is the amount of morons who live in this country.

Unbelievably, according to a recent poll, over 50% of voters believe in these untrue, FOX TV-type lies, being fed to them by sleazy politicians (ie, Republicans) who are basically shills under the employ of the insurance companies who want to keep their monopoly. These same insurance companies make 35 cents for every dollar spent on health care.

Not even a CASINO makes that much money (because it's ILLEGAL).

And the people I see being organized to protest this reform are, ironically, the same people who would benefit the most from it. In a way, I almost hope they get what they deserve. I’m talking about brain dead, gullible, racist IDIOTS carrying assault weapons to town hall meetings and screaming at the top of their lungs about “socialized medicine”, and not understanding that both Social Security and Medicare ARE those things. On woman in a Dartmouth town hall meeting recently proclaimed, with a straight face, that the Obama Health plan was a "Nazi" plan, causing Barney Frank to seriously ask her: "What planet do you send most of your time on?"

All this on the heels of the incredibly insulting and wildly false “birther” movement, which proclaimed that Obama wasn’t born in this country, and is therefore not really the President.

It’s absolutely amazing and disgusting to me.

It is actually hard for me to believe that there are people out there who actually BELIEVE that these fantastical lies are TRUE, that there is such a person as “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelberger or Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh or Michelle Malkin or Bill O’Reilly.

It actually makes my head spin.

What is really frustrating to me is not knowing what to do, and not knowing how to be heard, or how to lend support and how to fight back against these loud-mouthed bullies.

The New York Times recently reported that those in support of Reform and the public option are not as out there and letting their voices be heard as much as these howling, nut-case, gun-toting buffoons.

It is really REALLY important for those who believe in health care and the public option to speak up and let our elected officials know that we care and are listening and understand and are involved in the reform bill and that we SUPPORT the President’s plan.
I will try my best to find out how to do that and leave that info here, but one helpful thing I DO know how to do is to visit and read up on how to fight back against these lies being spread about health care and our President.

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